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Student Services Assessment Initiatives

"Assessment that Results in Student Achievement"


As a function of the Vice-President’s office, assessment activities are coordinated by the Student Services’ Assessment Task Force (ATF).  The ATF provides the infrastructure for conducting assessment initiatives that facilitate continuous improvement in student learning and departmental effectiveness. The ATF has three focus areas: institutional, divisional, and departmental assessment.  Each focus area has an assigned coordinator or coordinators to shepherd the process of planning, assessment, and improvement.

  • Departmental:  Each department has a clear mission, identified service populations, and learning and service outcomes addressed by the department’s annual system of assessment and improvement.  The ATF coordinator for departmental assessment maintains a robust, annual self-study function in Student Services.  Each department develops annual service and/or learning outcomes, assesses these outcomes with multiple measures, then institutes change in the department in response to their findings. ATF members and college administrators provide review and support to the departments at each point in the process.

  • Divisional:  There are two coordinators for the divisional assessment focus who direct activities to evaluate students’ growth and experiences across the different departments of the division with the intent of creating recommendations for improvement.  The divisional assessment cycle includes an annual review of Departmental Assessment Reports (Mission, Functions, and Outcomes) and an annual publishing of Assessment Summary Reports.  Additionally, the divisional assessment arm of the ATF has created two sub-committees to guide the process of assessment.

o   The Focused Assessment Coordinating Teams (FACTs) made up of interdepartmental Student Services staff members, which explore the annual assessment themes.

o   The Academic Success Action Project (ASAP) also made up of interdepartmental Student Services staff members, with the charge of implementing division-wide suggested changes made in our assessment work.

  • Institutional: The coordinator for the institutional focus ensures that ATF efforts are aligned with institutional initiatives such as HCC’s on-going accreditation process and mission fulfillment initiatives connected with diversity and globalism.

Through this system of assessment and improvement, Student Services has been able to use data findings to make changes to offerings and improve service for students.

JB and friends in ATF meeting

The eleven participating Highline departments that serve students are:

Center for Leadership & Service
Counseling Center
Financial Aid and Student Employment
High School Programs
Multicultural Affairs/Intercultural Center
TRiO Student Support & Retention Services
Veterans Services
Women's Programs/Work First Services