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Student Services Assessment: a Comprehensive Approach




These are the values that guide our work in assessment:

1) Strength-Based. Our departments are strong and our Student Services Division has been recognized by multiple organizations as a best practice institution (Achieving the Dream, Seattle University Student Development Administration Program, and the Washington State Student Services Commission’s publication Student Services in Community Colleges: A Practitioner’s Guide).  This excellence is important to maintain.  Departments should continue to undertake meaningful program review annually that assures each area has a current:  robust mission, student demographic analysis, functional analysis, and department goals.

2) Need-Based.  Our assessment is primarily focused on our institution, division, and department priorities.  Need-based assessment will provide relevant results, engage the interest of our researchers, and build buy-in with participants.

3) Transparent.  Assessment is done in order to share with our institutional partners and the field of Student Affairs, not for program improvement only.  Data from our assessment activities belongs to everyone and everyone owns the product of our efforts.  We intend to engage in assessment that is shared internally with our campus and externally for the betterment of our profession.

4) Collaborative. Our assessment should be done no less collaboratively than the other work of our division. Division-wide and institutional assessment practices will be conducted by the members of our division who are most interested in conducting meaningful research, willing, and curious about our needs.

5) Directed.  Our meaningful contributions HC Core Themes require us to be much more intentional and strategic about our assessment activities.  Student Services focuses our assessment practices to support data needs for mission fulfillment, College Core Themes, Student Learning Outcomes, and specific Student Services Initiatives.