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The Assessment Process



Each department develops of a platform from which to construct their annual assessment process.  Training is provided periodically to department leads, assessment & data specialists to prepare and educate the departments about the assessment fundamentals.  Each department creates and revises annual documents that address the following:


·         The department's mission statement

·         The department's functions

·         The department's service populations

·         Best Practices from the department


·         Outcomes for their department

·         Assessment strategies and tools for measuring the departmental learning and service outcomes

·         Connection of departmental work to mission fulfillment of the division (Student Services Assessment Dashboard)  and the college (Highline College Core Themes and MFR)

·         Changes from the last annual presentation

These create the foundation upon which our assessment work is based.

Each department is assigned a quarter in which they present summaries of their assessment work and an overview of changes that were made in the last year. Individualized and departmental "coaching" is provided by peers in the Student Affairs Council. These reports are archived on our Reports page to demonstrate on-going growth and learning in our division.



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