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The Assessment Process


Each department develops of a platform from which to construct their annual assessment process.  Training is provided to liaisons at each phase to prepare and educate the departments about the assessment components.  Each department submitted documents that addressed the following:

  • The department's mission statement
  • The department's primary and secondary functions
  • The department's primary and secondary service populations
  • Learning and Service Outcomes for their department
  • Assessment strategies and tools for measuring the departmental learning and service outcomes.

These create the foundation upon which our assessment work is based.

In fall, departments submit assessment plans of their learning and service outcomes.  Departments get feedback from the ATF and then the start working their plan.  In Spring, departments submit their Annual Assessment Report and Summary on-line.  Changes in program offerings and assessment activities often are a result of this work.  These changes are reflected and captured as part of our reporting process.

When a department completes a specific assessment component, the ATF members review each department's submission and provided the department liaison with suggestions, questions and edits.  At each step, individualized and departmental "coaching" is provided to the liaisons by the ATF members. Each department makes revisions on their submissions at least once before the AFT submitted them to the Vice President of Student Services for a final review.



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