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Student Affairs Cabinet Assessment Team


Assessment Task Force

Student Services Assessment Task Force Members

From left, back row:  Deana Rader, Director of Women's Programs/WorkFirst Services; Ay Saechao, Director of TRiO Student Support & Retention Services; Iesha Valencia, Assistant Director, Center for Leadership & Service; Jonathan Brown, Associate Dean, Center for Leadership & Service; Emily Coates, Manager, Insitutional Research.

From left, front row: Toni Castro, Vice President for Student Services; Ekk Sisavatdy, Program Manager, Running Start; Kelsey Anderson, Enrollment Services Data Specialist.

Pictograph model showing the three functions of the Student Affairs Council in regards to assessment.  These are Instituational, Departmental, and the Council 

All Student Services Assessment activities are monitored and coordinated, in general, by the Student Affairs Cabinet (SAC) and specifically by the SAC Assessment Team, the expanded group consisting of the Vice President for Student Services, their direct reports, and assessment and data specialists in the division.

Student Services departmental assessment is coordinated by the lead administrator in each unit designated by their title of Director or Dean.    

Student Services contributes to institutional mission fulfillment through participation in the campus’ Accreditation Steering Committee.  Two representatives from our SAC Assessment Team serve on this committee and assure that that assessment work in the division aligns with college mission and core themes.  These representatives also promote the assessment work of the division to be used in the college Mission Fulfillment Report and for narrative examples use in periodic accreditation reports.