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The Assessment Cycle

Spring - Reports and Summaries

Annual Placement:  Spring (late June/early July)


  1. Departmental Assessment Summaries are submitted to the Assessment Task Force (ATF)
  2. FACT Summary Reports are submitted to the ATF

Summer - Student Services Planning & Foundations Review

Annual Placement:  Late Summer (August - September)


  1. ATF updates reports for Website
  2. Departments review foundational documents
  3. Student Services leadership determines annual assessment themes
  4. ASAP begins implementation of annual assessment recommendations for the Student Services division

Fall - Assessment Plans & FACTs Form

Annual Placement:  Fall (late October/early November)


  1. Departmental Assessment Plans finalized and submitted to ATF
  2. FACT Teams formed and charged with annual assignments
  3. ATF review of work plans with departmental visitations

Winter - Assessment & Data Collection

Annual Placement:  Winter (October - May)


  1. Department Assessment Plans hones and supported with ATF visits
  2. FACT work and research meetings
  3. ATF provides training and support upon request